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Хотелски комплекс Диана 3

Хотелски комплекс Диана 3

Комфорт. Лукс. Доверие.

The Restaurant of Hotel Diana 3

The restaurant at hotel 'Diana 3' is perfect for organizing events and parties such as weddings, birthdays, private parties and firm gatherings. The restaurant also has a good ventilation and air conditioning. It is equipped with professional audio sound. The fantastic meals and fine services makes it a wonderful place for your taste.

With its cozy and stylish interiors restaurant 'Diana 3' is the perfect place for your wedding. The restaurant has a spacious lounge with a capacity of 200 seats and summer garden with 100 seats which also has a barbecue. For our guests we offer excellent cuisine and professional service, and for the newlyweds have a special gift - a night in a suite at the hotel.

For direct contact at the restaurant:
GSM: 0888 006 238, Eli Gaydova

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